An Inspector Calls

Director: Guy Hamilton

Actors: Alastair Sim, Olga Lindo, Arthur Young, Brian Worth, Eileen Moore, Bryan Forbes, Jane Wenham, George Woodbridge, Barbara Everest, Charles Saynor, Olwen Brookes, John Welsh, Frances Gowens

Production: British Lion Film Corporation, Watergate Productions Ltd.

Genres: Mystery, Drama, Crime

Country: UK

Release Year: 1954

Duration: 80 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Based on a famous stage play and set in the year 1912, an upper crust English family dinner is interrupted by a police inspector who brings news that a girl known to everyone present has died in suspicious circumstances. It seems that any or all of them could have had a hand in her death. But who is the mysterious Inspector and what can he want of them ?

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