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Feature film "Hannibal" is a continuation of the History of maniac-ljudoede by the name of Lecturer. He escaped from prison and is enjoying life at liberty in Florence, making their horrific Crimes again. Years after the first meeting with an FBI agent Starling Klarisoj Lector sends her a letter in which he invites her to take part in an intellectual battle. Millionaire and former lecturer, became a victim of a pedophile dreaming revenge podonku it throws all the known information Clarice being.

However, already wanted by the maniac Italian police inspector-Rinaldo Pazzi, who leads the investigation in hopes of solid reWards from a millionaire. But the ingenious criminal and subtle psychologist Hannibal easily with an inspector. He is out to invited supper with a loved one an FBI agent Klarisoj that she will never forget.

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